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Decorative elements of Old World style

Tuscany, a province in the northwest region of Italy is world famous for its Sangiovese grapes that produce Chianti Classico wine, one of the most popular wines in the world. The region is also known for its natural beauty – rolling hills dotted with pencil-thin cypress trees, in the green of olives, grapes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and all the wonderful ingredients of the traditional cuisine of Tuscany. The natural beauty of the region only is improved by the sun topped stucco villas with red tile roofs rich. From Florence to Siena, Pisa, Assisi, Tuscany is equal to the Italian par excellence. The capture of this look romance has become a favorite pastime of decorating homeowners everywhere and there are certain design elements that should always be included to give an air of authenticity whether to adopt the style of Old World.

Embrace aged patinas

Terracotta tiles and sun-bleached stucco are the definition same Tuscan style. weathered woods and wrought iron age are other materials in favor. While it may not be able to dress your home's exterior stucco or terracotta tiles, copy the look to your interior with old porcelain and ceramic tile floors and backsplashes. wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom are great ways to add a touch of Tuscany such as distinctive pieces of wall art wrought iron or canvas depicting the landscape of Tuscany.
Try to keep a relaxed and unpretentious

Warm inviting colors to use for walls, fabrics and furniture. Classic Tuscan options include burgundy, eggplant purple, deep ocher, brown and yellow sunflower and green tones ranging from deep green olive forever. Repeat these colors in the patterns of rustic tapestries, cushions, fabrics and upholstery.

wooden furniture rustic proudly displays nicks and dings, exposed beams, stucco walls unfinished, old shutters, old copper pots and ceramics operation simple and launchers bouquets of sunflowers are easy ways to add Tuscan style. Leave the window or choose unadorned or simple canvas lace panels add softness, without intruding on the environment unpretentious. color washing techniques can provide the look of stucco on the walls. The floor is simple and gradient ceramic tile or planks adding casual style. patterned carpet area of ​​Tuscany or classical motifs add a layer of comfort in rooms and lounges.

In the kitchen, choose color concrete, marble or granite countertops. Open or independent cabinets give a dated look and plenty of additional storage space. A long wooden table surrounded by chairs seat edge offers a place for improvisation and everyday casual dining and accent with earthenware plates and serving pieces in red, yellow, green and blue. Provide details with copper pots hanging from racks, wine racks loaded with red and white Italian glass jars filled with olives, vinegar, oil, dry pasta Olive, pitchers of fresh flowers and plates and bowls levels of fruits and vegetables.

Do not let your Tuscan style stop at the door. Graceful gardens, fountains sparkling, stone walkways and driveways, wrought iron gates, overflowing flower boxes and a garden full or ripe tomatoes and sunflowers will make your home truly happy Tuscan inside and out.

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