Granite Countertops Kitchen Costs

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Granite countertops?

for a smaller kitchen How do you think would be the cost? very small kitchen, about 10 to 10

The granite itself is highly variable costs. It is not good that the costs abotu $ 20 stone per square foot for materials – you can go for a very elegant granite would be as much as $ 200 per sq. foot. You will find a variety of decent food in the material from $ 30 to $ 40. A small kitchen, as having maybe 40 or 50 square feet per counter? then the cost of fabricating and installing varies by what you do, simple curved edges or eased does't cost too much, luxury inlaid edges cost much. Granite backsplashes, too? You could perhaps do the job for less than $ 1000 – Or you could spend more. There are two very different levels when it comes to granite – you can get 3 / 4 "thick slabs that are typically about 4 by 10 meters and the prices are listed above – then you need a manufacturer. However, there are pre-cut granite countertops usually in places that sell discount tile. These are thinner granite – As thin as 3 / 8 "somoreitmes and glued to a plywood or other substrate, and always already cut to 24" wide Usually you can get values ​​backsplash Pre-cut and installed more like formica -.. mitered corners, etc. and can cut with a razor in a dry diaond Skilsaw (preferably Skilsaw old as the dust is very difficult in the mountains). No final work will look like granite ahogh usual, but will look and works the hell of a lot better than "laminate.

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