Granite Countertops Installed Prices

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Granite countertops …..?

Several people are advertising on Craig's List that sell granite countertops for $ 19.99 per square foot installed. That is half the price of the quote that I have at $ 40 per square foot. Lowe is also advertising $ 50 – $ 70 for granite. How can these people be so cheap. What is the trick. Should I give them a call?

Could it be that granite countertops are prefabricated (in standard shapes and sizes now) and / or granite they are selling is the cheapest available. In addition, this may not include manufacturing, which would be about $ 25 per square foot, plus extras such as sink holes, back splashes, and bull nosing. Go ahead and call. However, do not be surprised if the production is not mentioned and I drive a person to go out and do an estimate. So do not be surprised if he comes to be as or more stores home improvement, when all the little "extras" are added. A friend of mine has a granite contractor called Fantasy amber dealer cost ($ 14 per square foot). And the cheaper manufacturing I could find was about $ 25 per square foot, and a little more of the bull nose and the openings in the sink. In total, that came out just above $ 40 square foot. And that is the cheapest way I could go.


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