Granite Countertops Images

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granite countertops images
What color wood floors to suit our house?

Well, we want hardwood floors downstairs, but it is a bit complicated because most of our furniture is wood. We have a lot of furniture in the medium (a kind of this timber a bit: We beige sofas and light Tan / cream-ish walls. We granite. We also have many windows. Are you suggesting medium or dark wood you? Any image links? Thanks! The advice is much appreciated.

You may want to consider a light or tone multi-media / light wood in place. Put in dark wood bring the nuances of orange wood furniture, which is something we want to avoid if you have beige furniture (you want more coffee instead). Try to find a forest that is (or has a color) by the parties in light of its granite. It is difficult to do with fair images, but in this case is an example what I'm talking about, but the colors are not exactly match:

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