Granite Countertops Health Problems

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Granite countertops: security risk?

One of the concerns raised about the granite slabs and granite countertops is the possibility that these harmful amounts of radon emission. Radon is an element that is the second leading cause of cancer lung with cigarette consumption. As such, it has become a concern for some people when the news came out.

But is it true? According to tests conducted by EPA and the New York State Department of Health, only small percentage of the types of reactions showed radon granite, and the percentage Tiny showed values close to alarming levels. As such, it was shown that the levels are not dangerous. This is also the position of the Marble Institute America, which also sponsored the trial with all types of slabs of granite for radon and showed similar results.

However, it is clear all cause for alarm? With the emergence of property granite countertop, it is assumed that this increase in the number would have a cumulative effect on the levels of radon. You could say that the granite and marble personal property does not cause any danger, but more than enough people in the area have granite slabs in their homes, the amount could be significant.

It sounds logical, but still crazy. The problem with these concerns is that there has been insufficient research and data gathered to say this with certainty. Although radon levels are definitely a concern, you can not say absolutely that major contributor to the presence of radon is the slab of granite in the kitchen or bathroom.

What is the best alternative? You should make yourself same test. There is evidence of radon available in hardware stores and will do no harm to do some at home. Recommended places for testing are in kitchen, bedroom and other places where there are slabs of granite. If you get the security settings, you can assume that all is well. If you detect any high levels, then it is better to have a pro evaluate radon levels in your home.

But radon is concern enough to dissuade him from owning a granite countertop? Based on available data, there is no safety hazard in the use of granite in the style of your home. It may be good to be on the safe side, but we should not let our fears get ahead of us. In testing, and if everything is clear, then that should be enough to put your concerns at ease.

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