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granite countertops glass
I am updating my kitchen at once. In what order should I go?

I do not want to replace the cabinets. It has a wide and independent side by side refrigerator. I plan to have all new appliances, new sink, glass tile back-splash, new fixtures and granite countertops. Already, new tile floors. Apparatus, will probably come first, but that sink, granite accessories?

Since you are making a modest remodeling, I suggest you get more permanent, the most difficult parts of the kitchen before making new appliances … time as old appliances work. Granite, back, and even sink and accessories are installation / demolition involved – you may end up with dents and scratches on your new appliances unless you remove completely from the room (which may have to go anyway, depending on the design of the kitchen). Still, it's best to keep the old until the job is done and can be rolled only new in a new kitchen. If you were as the key to "accessory", I recommend you get the new faucet and sink back together. The Light fixtures can be done at any time, but the easiest is to choose which go very well after the rest of the room together. It is certainly possible that want to update your cabinet hardware to go with accessories – make sure you get ones that fit the old holes, but if you already have handles. While holes can be moved and patched, the search for handles that fit into the same holes easier. Granite Sink (tap +) at the same time, I would say. A new sink costs slightly compared with the tops (especially if you're like the back wall), so there's no point in installing a new sink counters old age or a sink for new ones only to settle later. Also, since installing a new sink or counter again is likely to require some modification to sink plumbing, which seeks to modify at least twice to make the two steps. You might as well just do it once and do. Doing this also allows you to search a size different sink and / or configuration of your sink current, and you can get a true custom look. If you have to wait, make the countertops first – it will be a more satisfying, the substantial change that the sink and who knows, perhaps his much younger sink and decides not to change that.

Elevated Glass Bar on a Countertop Mounted Support

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