Granite Countertops Fixing Chips

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Record for fixing on a marble surfaces

With time, marble and granite carvings and suffered some scratches on its surface. Whether age is the inevitable accidents within the home, such as spills and dropped items, getting scratches in granite or marble is a phenomenon natural. But do not call your marble restorer yet. There are still some things you can do on their own to regain the smooth and flawless texture of the slabs of marble.

But what are the causes of his etchings and scratches on marble countertop? We have already mentioned some of the causes strokes, especially the acidic nature can cause pock marks and scratches on the surface. This is because the marble is a limestone, so it is vulnerable to acids. Apart from that, the marble is softer compared to the granite , and thus fell knives or pots can easily chip or scratch the surface of marble.

What you can do as a solution "do yourself "is the use of coarse sandpaper or 000 steel wool to level the surface. For the sandpaper, make sure you start with the lowest degree, which is 120, then work your way up to the level of coarseness, as required by the texture of marble. Before you begin, make sure the marble is clean and free of dust and dirt. Patience and a soft hand is also needed for this operation as it would have to sand the surface of the first more than once to achieve the desired texture. Clean the powder scraped clean water and working on the surface a bit more on the basis of the results.

You You can also get the job out of marble, polish or using a hand to buffer polish the surface for an even glow. There are several commercial marble polishers you can get hardware to get one should not be difficult. For a buffer hand, you can use a drill equipped with a soft cushion, and work in the area at low speed.

As you can probably tell, this type of solution is only superficial scratches and minor recorded. For major scratches and damage, you should consider obtaining services of its marble installer or manufacturer. The damage may require replacement and stone. Other than that, you can also run the risk of doing more harm than good should repair the damage. But still, most are minor damage marble, so smooth is recorded under a very useful skill to learn and have.

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