Granite Countertops Economy

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How can a small business to be bigger?

Since the economy is so bad right now, and dependent on my father for money and stuff. There was a long time dream of making your small business small largest marble and granite. Contstructor is a worker. I just need some advice I can give to my dad. Because I feel sorry for him. Like what to do to get more clients and stuff? How should I advertise? (That contrusction has been a worker for almost 8 years or less) (put marble / granite kitchen countertops, floors, stairs, cupboards, etc fireplaces, and remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms also paints / walls of the kitchen.) How should get more jobs? ADVERTISING AND SUCH AS? Please and Thank you:) Aha ..

I am a plaster finish. Ads are expensive, but our local paper has a directory service. The ads are $ 27 per month. You should check and see if your work has something. Also, you can put flyers or business cards on local bulletin boards in supermarkets, laundrymats, etc.

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