Granite Countertops Cutting

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granite countertops cutting
Granite countertops?

We are building a house. Yesterday I went home and had installed the granite counters. There is an L-shaped corner seems come from the Board and looks awful. I've never seen one fact seems the way made it seem. It is a straight line, it's almost like a notch was cut and those of straightener. It's his appeal? Are there rules on how it should be granite look like? Is this a valid concern to raise with the builder?

Of course! If you see the way you say it does something wrong. The seam should be almost imperceptible, unless you are actually looking for. More than likely the builder did not install the counter itself, which was probably done by a subcontractor that makes granite. However, he should have been there when made and approved or disapproved of the job they did. Immediately talk to him about it and make it clear that it is totally unacceptable and needs fixing. Do not let leave, paid lots of money to the counter, you need to make you happy.

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