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granite countertops countertops
Granite facing a cheaper laminate?

I'm thinking of getting black granite countertops, but the estimate I have is so expensive. We went to 4 different places, is still a lot of money. It is cheaper also people who rely on most.) If I do this I will want stainless new refrigerator and stove to go with. And, of course, undermount sink and faucet. My refrigerator and stove are only about 5 years old. They have some really reallly laminate counters now. It would be WAY cheaper and I was not going to change my equipment. And I'm sure it looks good, but I was very excited about granite. Just do not sure what to do now.

Really …. get the granite. It's something that will be with you as long as you have your home …. probably quite awhile long as the additional investment will be nothing compared to the enjoyment out of it for years and years. In addition, the granite looks and feels a lot better than false things. You can put hot pots directly on it without worrying about melting / burning. You can also use a knife to cut things straight on their desks without damaging at all. This is not the case of laminates. Just hope the extra $ $ $ $ and get the granite. Please.

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