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Does anyone know how to remove a kitchen sink under cover?

I'm trying to change my existing sink, built on top a surface of plywood three-quarter inch granite countertops. It is the best way to get the contractor to the counter and have to remove granite countertops and then proceed to take the sink to replace it? Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Well, that'll make a mess. I've seen before, cabinets have a wooden lid that "under cover" sitting on the sink edge (a sink hole cut and the rest as a "drop-in"), then the stone is installed over it. Tip # 1 You will probably have to remove that part of the counter rises above the sink plywood. It is likely that the stone to fracture or break along the front and / or back areas of the court as this happens, so do not panic. Another option is to cut some so the plywood away (about an inch and 1 / 2) around the sink UNDERNEITH, yes inside the cabinet, backwards, and probably with the hand (Most saws will not fit underneath.) Then you must be able to place the sink once it breaks the seal on the stone. Get the favor of it, this is not a task DIY

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