Granite Countertops Concerns

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What are the advantages and dissadvantages of buying a house?

I like the idea of the interesting features, such as countertops granite for less conventional house would cost the same characteristics. However im worried about the noise problems. would be a surround sound system penetrate on the walls? What else should I think?

advantages: 1. cheaper than 2 separate houses. you do not have to worry about snow removal or maintenance lawn 3. some communities have amenities like a pool or gym 4. Unlike an apartment, own what is inside, so you can make changes (subject HOA for approval). Disadvantages 1. HOA fees. 2. must obtain approval from HOA to almost anything. 3. close proximity to neighbors and to the sound system, it really depends on the community we live and how well they have built. I lived in one and never had a problem with noise. if you are super concerned therefore, seek an end unit. that way you only have to worry about the noise from one side at least.

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