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Getting a new kitchen sink. Which is better, steel or composite?

Obtaining new granite counters, gold Keywest. Must elect a new sink. I think it would be like a black composite sink. Does anyone know if that or a steel sink is better?

A stainless steel sink is not all cracked up to be for many reasons: 1 – The surface shows water spots and should be cleaned constantly to hide. 2 – Matt stainless steel sinks when it is deleted and scratch easily. You should then be polished with a special stainless steel cleaner to restore the shine. 3 – Steel sink trap odors. Try pouring a beer in a stainless steel sink. Even after he clears, the steel acquires the smell of beer to clean deleted. 4 – All steel sinks, but the most expensive can be noisy. The cost of a stainless steel sink depends largely on the amount of damping of the sound that is installed on the back of the sink. This is usually in the form of a rubber coating on the back that acts as an insulator. Cheap steel sinks do not have this coating. 5 – If you drop something in the sink President and that he is wanted in the nick hating until you change the battery. Otherwise, stainless steel sinks are fine.

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