Granite Countertops Chips

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granite countertops chips
Trying to protect granite again?

I installed new granite countertops and one of my colleagues told me / showed me how his granite chips, while washing the dishes (sinks sinks in counters). Now I know I should be careful, but there is some way to protect the granite. I was thinking something like as a transparent adhesive tape (something like hey do car hoods), but nothing too flashy.

Granite is a type of natural resources is very difficult. if you need to know how hard, try to hit his desk with a new steel hammer and see what happens. jz joking, I know you would not. know diamond is the hardest stone on earth (as the human had discovered to date). its hardness is 10MOHS (MOHS represent the hardness of the stone). When the diamond is 10mohs, granite is 8mohs, marble on 5mohs, limestone and sandstone is approximately 3.5mohs 1,5-2.5 mohs depending on what type of sandstone. looking at this comparison, You can actually imagine how difficult it is your granite countertop. is very unlikely to chip unless it has been hard hit by something solid and heavy, for example: a hammer steel. if your friend, there are few possibilities of what happened to his desk. 1. probably the song / profile made at the top is thin / edgy leaving weak point. 2. the top of granite has been used for a long time and is exposed to various types of detergent or cleaning liquids, which are mostly acids. when grain is exposed to acidic liquids for a long time, will eventually be SIP through the granite, whether it has been applied treatment of stone to it. Granite then turn brittle and therefore easily chips. You can call this process of 'Chemical erosion. "3. he could have chosen a type of granite that has small hairline cracks or pinholes is also a weakness to cause chipping. (Please do not misunderstand me I mean when a hard material like granite, which is not broken.) granite is actually very hard, but that does not mean it is compact. so if your friend had chosen a granite drive that is not compact, it is likely that chipping will occur. Therefore, if you've purchased the right of granite, which is used as the right edge consulted by the appropriate provider, also taking into account the thickness of 20 mm, it is unlikely that your new granite countertop is skipped. My advice is that you need not do anything for her. for the maintenance, avoid leave the cleaning solutions on it. if something is spilled on, quickly cleaned up. keep it dry most of the time if possible. clean and wipe with clean water. if necessary, reapply the stone treatment every 2-3 years. just remember that this is a natural material and therefore is forced to wear and tear. but if you know how use the right method that will serve long, long time.

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