Granite Countertops Budget

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From building a new home – ideas on how to save $ $?

I just started building a new house and will soon have to finish the interior. Does anyone have any good ideas for saving $ $ when it comes travetine tiles, granite countertops, carpet, etc. I had someone suggest buying granite remnants of … I love coming in under budget for all of these things, so do not kill my husband with the mortgage.

If you have not planned all are ready to do this for her, you could save a fairly good exchange painting the inside of your home yourself. When we built our house 12 years ago, the cost of the paint was about $ 14,000 and I bet that's probably $ 20,000 or $ 25,000 for it today. Ceramic tile, granite countertops ago very nice and are much cheaper than solid granite. Who will do the cleaning? You can do it yourself and save $ 1,000 or less.

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