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granite countertops brands

Cleaning and sealing process for granite

There are only two essential procedures to pay attention when it comes to granite. If you are not good, you'll like the innate beauty of its grain of life.

Granite sealing

All granite tiles and decks should be sealed. Although granites are comparatively the hardness, which have various levels of porosity. A universal rule is that the lighter the color of granite, which would be more absorbent. Follow the instructions sealant to relate properly the correct amount of sealer to your granite. Most prominent, not always allow the sealer to dry on the granite. Allow the first and then wipe off excess. Use a sealer to granite, which is generally recommended by the installer of granite. There are also top brands on the Internet and any improvement store home.

Cleaning Your Granite

It is not always best to clean the granite countertops and marble to use the wrong cleaning product. There are many brands available cleaners to say "Okay for granite, but not really. Consider the company, which makes these cleaning products well, makes the same products for cleaning glass, vinyl and other materials like plastic.

While these cleaners certainly clean granite but it would be slowly removed and the granite sealer. You do not want this to happen because the sealer is its defense against drilling and pollution from getting on your granite. Again, this type of cleaning products do not damage your granite so they feel that is satisfying to put 'ok for granite "in the bottle, but are not the fight against the long life of sealant, applied. One of the most excellent ways to clean the granite is to use warm water with a small amount of liquid detergent soft soap.

Address sealing

There is no rule as such, how long to stay until you seal your granite. You can go to test the water glass. Since liquid water is the most common in a kitchen once you notice that your glass of water leaves a water ring after appearing in the granite for a while, then just wait for it to dry and reseal the countertops.

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