Granite Countertops Backsplashes

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granite countertops backsplashes
Can anyone help? Trying to decide on a back splash for my kitchen?

I have new granite countertops in the post, but would also like have my backsplash done as well, but I'm not sure what kind of material to use HELP PLEASE:)

It depends on the style of your kitchen, but: 1. have 2 solid granite. granite tile game 3. Glass tiles in any size, the colors of your kitchen (including granite and cabinets). It can be very combined with either ceramic or stone tiles 4. Tin tiles, in a final match your hardware 5. Marble stone fell, with or without decorative accents (Ropes, etc.) All this is very nice and look good with the granite. It is entirely on what you like and what style you are doing.

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