Granite Counter Countertops

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granite counter countertops
How to move the granite countertops

I bought granite countertops from Home Depot. Is currently out on a stand that I built of wood, I learned that the granite has to be transported upright. This means that I can not lay it flat without support underneath. I am sure how to this counter in the kitchen as I have fear of cracking / shattering when I try to put it in my cabinet, and because of its very heavy and very expensive. So I want to be sure I'm doing this correctly. Any ideas would be helpful to work. Thanks.

first you must install a wood sub granite counter and stick to it … elevation position vertical and place the back edge down first and lower the front slowly down. if you have not done this before I would not recommend it, however, it is easy break and its measures should first be the perfect time …. each extra cut means more chances of breakage! again, this is a DIY where it is difficult!

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