Granite Colors Countertops

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granite colors countertops
I have dark cherry cabinets with black granite countertop. What color laminate floor I can use?

I do not want the kitchen is too dark. A soil lighter color would be best, but what looks good?

I did something similar and used a wooden floor in color. My green granite countertop Cherry is taxis. Came out great. I have pictures if you're interested. Having the wood floor in the kitchen has a tendenacy to reduce breakage if you drop something and it looks great too. Also costs are usually not bad, because the kitchen floor space is usually smaller than standard rooms. Go ahead and email and I will send some pictures of my remodeled. PS I used some light chain in the cabinet top lip and below the lower lip of the cabinet right next to the plant. Floodlit great that lets you move through the kitchen without blinding yourself and it looks great too.

BCS Brazilian Granite – Granite Colors – Install

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