Granite Arizona Countertops

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granite arizona countertops
Selling a home in Arizona – East Valley – Maricopa County.?

We will list our house next month. We live in a booming city in the Valley del Este in sunny Arizona. Does anyone have any suggestions to make our home stand out compared to all the competition? We have granite in all parts, tile floors and upgraded carpet in all the right places, double convection oven, new stainless steel appliances, pool and large backyard. 3BR/2BA, 2225 square meters and has 2 years. Should we make our stay out of indoor cats, while shoppers are listed or even care if there Pets?

As for cats … if you've hired a real estate agent, he or she must be honest with you and let you know if there is a odor. If you have not hired an agent, ask a trusted friend. Pet odors may be a murderer "in the case of odor, not sell." Do not bother if any. I have to list a house with pets who do not have pet odor. Comes with the territory. You do not say where you are in the Valle del Este, but it would behoove you to build a new research in the area to assess the incentives offered. It's hard to compete with builder incentives if your house is in a subdivision thereof, which is still being built out. Ask your realtor what kind of Internet marketing plan. You want to be sure photos of your house are great and show all the good points. Most buyers begin their search online and the images are essential.

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