Glass Countertops Kitchens

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glass countertops kitchens
Does granite countertops Highlites in increasingly frequent and visible over time?

I was in the grain store and was looking for two pieces granite. They are the same type of granite, but are not the same batch. Highlites one has more gold in the other, but the saleswoman said that in the time and the exposure to sunlight, the one that is all black with time will become the look of the other. Basically that that doesn't have the Highlites also get Highlites gold over time. My question is not if you agree, that is, catch up with others, as I do not need more than a slab of what your one or the other. And are sealed, and used as kitchen countertops. There will be a lot of natural light due to the proximity to a large bank kitchens of two sliding glass doors, and of course the window over the sink. Can any body shed some light on this for me. (Bad joke) Thank you.

I think that darken with age ease no …. I would buy the most beautiful, because now … if what she says is true … the one with the hightlights now only be enhanced good or bad?

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