Fully Formed Countertops

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fully formed countertops

10 Tips for Your Kitchen

Here's how to fix 10 places where the kitchen design frequently goes wrong. A council of Los Angeles Home Remodeling .

1. Do not place your appliances or furniture too near a corner.
This restricts the movement. To fully functional doors, plan the direction of oscillation and the door or box office by placing their equipment. You should also avoid slamming doors in each other, such as an entry garage and dining room door.

2. Do not underestimate the importance of correctly fitted microwave.
The correct height and location for a furnace microwave may vary depending on the chef or the child friendly nature of the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches above the counter height is a good microwave. For children, a configuration below the countertop can be safer and adequate.
3. No crummy designate walkways.

Paths through a kitchen must be at least 36 inches wide. Roads within the cooking area should be 42 inches wide for a cook stove and 48 inches wide for a configuration Two cooking.

4. No patterns the main route of traffic through the work area chefs.
In kitchens for children, keep cart kitchen stove and traffic areas so that children do not catch controls and cause leaks when you run across. Also, make sure the refrigerator access to passersby, as well as areas suitable for cooking and cleaning.

5. Do not skimp on the aesthetics of your kitchen with a solid bank cabinets.
Breaking boring, heavy blocks of doors and drawers with glass doors, shelves, wine storage, and windows.

6. No Be sure to determine the role of the island before determining its form.
If you want to cook and eat at this oasis in the kitchen, the plan to isolate each zone so the grid is well separated from the dining room.

7. Do not leave out the landing area.
Allow 15 inches of cover on each side of a stove or refrigerator side-by-side and 15 inches at least on the closing side of a standard refrigerator, if not both sides.

8. Do not wear a tiny kitchen in dark tones.
reduce dark color schemes and small space and make it less attractive. Use soft colors and natural light to visually expand a small room.

9. Do not overwhelm your kitchen.
Splashy tile floors, luxury considerable range hoods, busy patterns and counter to the eyes too visible. Choose a focal point and complement this area with some other (silent) striking materials and details.

10. Keep in mind the cooking methods.
The chefs in the kitchen who prefer to scratch sales require more space, ideally between the stove and sink, which infrequently cooking or preparing meals easier. In addition, two counter heights help children and make it easier to bake.

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