Formica Laminate Countertops

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formica laminate countertops
Where should we buy cheap laminate kitchen countertop in Houston, Texas or nearby?

Please – we need some guidance. We want to change our kitchen counter for something affordable and laminate countertop. But I do not know of any place here in Houston, TX or nearby that sells this material publicly available. We only know of Home Depot, but only Formica and sell prices are the attacks. Does anyone know? Or if you're a contractor and we can offer a reasonable price, we need our kitchen counters done by this weekend at the latest. We want to move on ya, but we have this project pending annoying. The top we have now are pink – So why now? Please, if you can help, we would greatly apprecaite. We prefer to know where to buy and I think my husband would do it himself. But, please, send us your offer and believe it could. Thanks.

Call any store kitchen or bath / renovator. Ask if they have any spare parts. Here at work (which does not work for you and we're so far), we have huge parts ordered in the wrong color, or whatever. We sell at very low prices. Give it a try, call some places the size you need. Hey you never know. Good luck!

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