Formica Kitchen Countertops Colors

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Does anyone know what chemicals are removed from hair dye formica countertops in the bathroom?

Clairol can not tell me the answer this question! Seriously: if someone knows to be like them …. After all, most hair dyes at home is in the bathroom or kitchen and at least 50% of households do not have tiles but FORMICA! Thanks if you can help!

Dear susieque, how frustrating to have happened. I had the same situation that has occurred recently. Here's what I did. 1. I ammonia on a cloth towel (the smell is strong), but it took almost everything. She later took a little zero cleaner and I finished. 2. The magic eraser did not work against me or painting. Paint.It There were some in the end really took my picture and left shiny. Hope this works for you. Romona, Publisher

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