Faux Painting Countertops

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faux painting countertops
What color should I paint my kitchen?

My problem is that my house is the 70 … counters and I have dirty yellow, I'm having problems to think of a color I can paint my kitchen that does not clash with my countertops (such as replacing them is not really in my budget at this time) I have some bricks in the false wall, which I like much is like choosing a color that bring the outside, but really I can not think of a color that matches both the tops of yellow bricks red … (The "grout" between gray brick) My cabinets are also those things ugly brown color panels-this is what I will be painting on-Thanks by the answers he gave me some good ideas, I think I'll go with a golden-ish for most of it, but with a thick red border / accent. (At least I will try on 1 wall and then see if I still like it after a month or so :-))

I think you should go with an olive green color if you really like. Choose just the right green means a lot. Make sure it is dark or will have a kitchen look like clowns. Another option would be a dark purple but that depends on how fierce you want your kitchen is. Good luck and have fun!

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