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dry cleaner countertops
Would you choose A or B Apartment Apartment?

Please tell me if you choose Apartment Apartment A or B. .. I am more than twenty years Female Apartment A $ 415/month Immaculate – Hardwood floors – granite laundry and dryer – New appliances – Master bedroom with two closets in the owner lives ** Instead, in the basement .. is 39 years or sublet apartment B $ 267/month two roommates, a girl of twenty years of Nepal and type in the middle twenty studies University located near the comparatively job is not as clean Bedroom closets do not have to walk through bedroom to the bathroom What would you if necessary to relocate to somewhere for two months and be in a temporary situation? The price difference is a $ 830 apartment for $ B Flat front 534, is it worth to go for the cheapest place? Note – who already live in an apartment since February this year ……

stay in the apartment a. bieng in a small apartment with two other people is soo worth the money.

Uptown Luxury Apartment Living at Pensacola Place

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