Does Granite Countertops Scratch

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Question granite countertop?

If I real solid granite in my kitchen because I can really put a potato or onion in the top right and cut up with a sharp kitchen knife and I can not scratch the granite at all? And chop the garlic on the counter and I can not scratch at all? Do I have to get it sealed or something? Thanks

Granite is a stone and can be damaged. It takes a lot to damage, but can be done. Polished granite is look like glossy finish, so you can zero if are too aggressive. It is assumed that sealed 1-2 times a year, but only requires some stuff to spray, let it sit, then reapply and polished to shine. Not a lot of work, but a few. Now, with quartz, you can do whatever you want and will be fine. It requires no sealing and is almost indestructible. But just do not look so good. Quartz does not have the nice sheen that makes granite, and is a very uniform, without really brilliant pieces that attract attention. We had planned to quartz due to the functional and looked good. But then we fell in love with a piece of granite. It was volga blue. It was basically black with spots blue, gold, bronze and silver in it. Once we found we were hooked. We have it in the kitchen and two bathrooms and really helped us a "expensive" aspect not think it would be otherwise. Good luck!

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