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diy wooden countertops

5 popular kitchen designs

If you are looking to install a new kitchen in your house, then you will find that there is a bewildering choice free kitchen design ideas that could choose to feed their own design plans.

Along with the bathroom the kitchen is the most important room of the house to do well in terms of design.

Apart from the room from the kitchen gets the most foot traffic in home.

Most people spend much time in the kitchen, especially the families and if something is not right that error every time you look.

Te recommend you spend much time looking for free kitchen design ideas before coming to a store of kitchen design. That way you have a great idea more precise what you are looking for and are more likely to encourage the seller to offer special treatment. They see you as a serious possibility that has devoted time to create a strong vision and know what they need.

design ideas can be found in many places, such as house and home magazines, kitchen showrooms, DIY stores, kitchen, websites and friends' houses.

You should be able to make at least two or three design ideas using these methods.

Meanwhile Here is a list of 5 popular cooking styles that you can research to get started:

Country Style

This style is also known as early or American colonial and creates a beautiful look picturesque farmhouse kitchen.

Normally, the kitchen will open shelves, pot racks and a general feeling be well spent, accentuated by the different color combinations of cabinets.


This style has clean lines and simple. The cabinets are usually a futuristic look, with no size or features specifically decorated.

The emphasis is on style and practical sophistication.


This is a simple and utilitarian style with flat panel doors, wooden countertops and brass fittings.

French Country

These are warm, inviting kitchens full of wood and soft colors.

Natural materials an important place as large pieces of furniture with ornate carvings.

Arts and crafts

This is becoming a popular style and features glass doors and natural wood tones that are finished in a matte sheen.

This style can be very artistic.

Finally, take into account the items used in other rooms to ensure that the kitchen design that ultimately choose fits well into your overall scheme.

I hope that our ideas of free kitchen design help you get a good start on the project.

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