Diy Painting Countertops

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diy painting countertops
covered with paint?

We recently bought an old house in need of a lot of repairs and upgrades. One is the kitchen. To save money, I would try to paint our desks instead of replacing. Is this possible? I heard it in some DIY programs, but have no idea how go about it. Anyone do this before? …. Any advice? This is a temporary fix. There are only so many things that need the $ $ at this time and I just I want to make attractive counter tops until we can change the whole kitchen.

I was in the same situation and this is what I did. I think it looks great and everyone believed to be about replacing countertops. First, I sand the countertops just to get unslick. Then I prepared KILZ. I used a sea sponge and 3 colors Paint (oil based) and dried them. I used the black chocolate, and gray. Finally, with a roller applied polyurethane foam i … of 5 layers … sand lightly between coats. I made this about a year ago and well maintained!

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