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design center countertops
How is the home design center experience?

My parents and I have a house built and have an appointment at the design center for home. They say it's about 4 hours. Is it really that long to select counters and molding? What kind of things should we be looking for?

It usu. is that the time will be bombarded with many, many questions and met with many combinations of design. Be sure to eat before going to ensure that you sugar low in the blood and becomes moody and anxious. Get enough rest. Check with your home design center to see if you and mama nem 'can walk around downtown to see the different finishes, hardware, etc. It's a little intimidating to have to decide which options are not up to the day, hell, minutes before you do. In terms of what you should look to keep an eye on the price you can deal with cost overruns without blinking. These selections are in addition to high speed real dollars. Do not skimp on the countertops, cabinets, sinks and floor finishes. These elements can increase the resale value of your home and are more costly to change. I would go with the cheaper accessories, such as doorknobs, faucets, lighting fixtures, etc. and any handyman can change it after you in Home and maintenance personnel will most likely cost less than that of its builder. Good luck to you and Mama 'nem

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