Dark Cabinets Light Countertops

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dark cabinets light countertops
What color tile with dark cabinets and dark countertop?

With granite brown and cabiniets cherry and oak, should be tiled in dark brown or light brown?

It is best if you have the countertop and flooring in similar colors so in your case, I recommend you have a mixture of brown soil. I think a perfected Noce Travertine would be excellent. Because it has a very traditional granite countertops and a dark spot, who wants to have a soil that is well caliber. Therefore, apart from travertine, I would recommend a board or laminate (wood, if you can afford) the ground. What tgood travertine, is that it is the patterns. Have the pattern is what really allows you to mix the dark brown and light brown as a whole and will make the floor and countertops pop. We show that the granite is not hide it, it would be essential to have a floor that complement each other. If you have enough lighting, which will overcome any darkness of the room can have. Some people even choose to paint the walls a darker color because it retains the elegance of cherry cabinets. I think that painting walls a neutral color, and then have an accent wall (like red) would be a great idea.

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