Cutting Edge Countertops

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cutting edge countertops
Web site of a commercial information that has a flush cut tool for remodeling, carpenters help!?

A company advertises on its information shopping for a hand tool that will cut through the counters of up 3 / 4 thick, and a host of other materials. It costs about $ 200. It seems a rule with an angle toward the end. I think that uses a vibrating movement Rath a circular motion. My son is remodeling a house and have to cut through plaster and lathe. Must be able to cut into the wood and then replace the insulation and drywall. I saw a commercial information that there was a tool that flush cutting materials, but can not remember the company name or the name of the tool. Does anyone know the name of this tool? Or find a tool that has a blade that can be cut flush to the side of the wood? I found the tool I've seen online business information. It's $ 400 not $ 200. Fein multi tool is the teacher. cuts wood, metal, tiles, and more. Now I have to decide just how badly they really want. that is very salty. Does anyone have an account?

Is called Dremel Multi-Max, $ 99 at big box stores. I bought one last year, and now I wonder how I ever lived without it.

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