Creative Countertops Ideas

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creative countertops ideas
painting kitchen ideas?

I'm thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets soon. We are also getting new countertops. I'm thinking about black for the cabinets and put a tile backsplash silver. My walls are white and now the ground is black and white pictures, but we replace that soon too. I can not decide what color to make countertops inches darker or lighter? I am open to do the cabinets of other colors, I'm not exactly creative so I have no idea what they look very good together. Any ideas would be great. I do not want to change the wall color, cabinets and countertops only. I want the back wall of metal plates that come in silver, copper or gold. I prefer the silver because my cabinet hardware is silver.

I think the color of the cabinets should be a nuetral color because you're going to redo your kitchen floor is coming and you may not want the colors collides Good Luck

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