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Should I buy a stove for 20 to 24 inches to make my kitchen look bigger?

medium-sized stove is 30 inches … I just bought age a small house and gutted the entire kitchen, countertops.cabinets new fridge .. I'm thinking about buying a small stove .. I can not save money there, basically the same price .. I am a single man .. I mean its rare that someone has to fill the furnace full of food stuck .. Should I go with a small kitchen to make my kitchen look larger or just get the standard size should not sell my house?

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, the elements largest and most crowded make a room look smaller. If you want a room (any room, and bedroom etc, kitchen) to see more great, you really should get the smaller items. So yes, getting a small kitchen if you want your kitchen to look bigger. As soon as the sale of his house in the future the size of the stove will have no impact on future sales as potential buyers will have the measurements of the kitchen the numeric value anyway. They will go by these figures in judging the size of the kitchen and if they like, because the set-up in the kitchen might want to change anyway. The main point of which is the total size of the kitchen, not a preference for the stove or refrigerator, etc. Greetings. EDIT: Obviously, the person called "Kitchen / Bath design "or whatever, is not very good. LOL." Space "on the left (if any) can easily be" filled "by the lumber or whatever the material of the upper surface and connecting the stove, the gap and the nearest counter. And the spaces below (one side of the stove) can be level the site a bit, so it can be used as a sort of storage area, if desired. This is a basic solution and a commonly used, which I'm surprised you even made it a big problem. Clearly, this person is in the wrong job career /. You know nothing about kitchen design. LOL.

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