Countertops Natural Stone

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countertops natural stone
How much should I be spending to remodel a potential rental property?

I live in the house now, so I've been putting some extra money on nicer materials and appliances. Probably end up renting it out in about 5 years. my problem is the thought of someone who has their children banging pots and pans against granite countertops and things of that nature. I must be wasted for natural stone and stainless steel appliances, I have negotiate shop for basic needs?

Depends on the tenant that you expect, as well as the caliber of the property itself. If it's "Run of the Mill "half a house, do not bother with such niceties. Providing good resistant melamine tops, with reasonable equipment to offer good service. NO floors natural wood or something similar. Use materials that appear to be well, and are highly resistant to damage.

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