Countertops Laundry Room

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countertops laundry room
My plan is remoldeling a house of 2,056 square feet that needs everything. What might be considered a modest investment

The home has 3BD, 2bth, rm family., Sala, frm.dn., kit., Sun rm., and a laundry room. It features panels that I like, so I would replace it with drywall. Need a new foof complete with terrace and prefer to go with a metal roof. Completely new floor, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets and countertops. The exterior needs a paint job ceiling dashboard and a new furnace and new air conditioning. The house is 30 years old, but in a good location and I'm getting for a robbery. I do not want to use cheapest materials around and I do not want to use the most expensive either. Can anyone give me a general idea of ​​what a project like this would cost. The house is in the MS Gulfcoast if that has something to do with it.

Basically, gutting the interior of the house and update. There is no set cost for this because to several factors. The first is you do not know what is inside the walls after your break down, the house is 30 years old plan to the electrical system and wiring to be in code. If you hire a GC to do the work permits are required in most cases so that anything found will be repaired to code or at least safety standards. The same applies to the ceiling until it separates you do not know if there is rot, if the blades of the replacement needs are looking at a costly job. In terms of story do you mean the sub floor needs to be replaced or simply new hardwood / Pergo or carpet? Pergo hardwood and are very expensive My home cost over 3k hardwood on upper floors and the lower cost is Pergo witches around 1500. The improvements depend on your taste and budget my suggestion is have complete structural work the right way and then see what improvements have to then plan accordingly. Projects like these are difficult to maintain on a budget and difficult to give an estimate, take time and patients. Good luck

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