Countertops Kitchen Options

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countertops kitchen options
what type of floor we install in our kitchen?

We are remodeling our kitchen and need to reach a soil type. Of course, the budget is a concern and are looking for something that matches our bungalow and craftsman style cabinets and countertops we're having built. The colors in the cabinets and countertops are similar to this image and style of cabinet and hardware will be well / 1_IMG_1478.jpg From the kitchen is only 75 square feet, we are thinking about hardwood floors. We believe that trying to get an accurate result is not very realistic about what they were thinking of going dark or a fir. However, we are concerned that it would be very different colors of wood. What do you think? What wood, color or other flooring options you think would be good and combine our cabinets, countertops, and crafts house?

I think any slate or travertine tile. This is a website that sells tile. His tone wood cabinet would be jeopardized if more wood on the floors in my opinion. Either the board or the travertine can be configured in different designs and colors. I think this color would go well with your cabinets.

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