Countertops Hard Surface

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countertops hard surface
They are brown, black, beige and red well together?

We're getting our own place and the choice of colors. We chose black surface countertops solid, Salem maple cabinets, a rustic brown / beige / gray floors, beige walls, a saddle / leather-colored carpet beigey (multi). We have a black table from Pier 1, which is the bottom red, black sofas wants, black entertainment center is that we did, dark brown and beigey carpet living room, and a type of red carpet under the dining table. What do you suggest to do with these colors, which change, add, that wear, how to tie the game altogether? I'm having a really hard time with this and want a lot of different suggestions and Internet references please!

Sounds pretty far. ¿I can suggest more than accentuate the red you have. Pillows, blankets, bowls, wall art, collectors are all good ways to tie rooms together. Just make sure when making each room as you add color red is the same tone as what already exists. The reds, especially, are not well blended. If you started a room in a ranch, blue, red with it. Or if he started with an orange-red with orange reds.You stay can go lighter or darker but remain in the color value. If you need help go to and click explore color tab.

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