Countertops Faux Finishes

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countertops faux finishes
Need to redo the counters very cheap. vi faux finishes in innternet thoughts?

Need to redo the counters very cheap. vi finishes Imitation in innternet thoughts?

Not sure what you mean by "redo." If going to change, then the less costly will laminate. If you want to cover the existing surface (is scratched or discolored scortched) the cheaper the contact paper. Yes, contact the paper. It comes in hundreds design, easy to put on the surface, and durable. You have to replace about 1 a year, but is so cheap it could replace every month. Another option is to buy broken or chipped ceramic tiles. Break them a little more and make a kind of mosaic design on its cover. Required grout etc, but it is a very feasible project for most people. Sometimes you can even get pictures of splinters, broken free.

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