Countertops Cover Ups

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countertops cover ups
Ugly countertops Please help?

I'm renting an apartment and the tops are like something from the 50's, I was thinking that represented this peel the coating for floors, would that work and would destroy the counter, does anyone have any idea how I could hide without performing. Serious answers only please.

I currently manage an apartment complex and I can tell you firsthand it is not always affordable to replace a desk every time someone moves in. However, I found a product, both Lowe's and Home Warehouse is done for the refinishing of countertops. You should see to management first, as you know about the product and how to use (not for beginners). This is a two-part epoxy can be brushed or rolled which is self-leveling. I prefer to shoot as far as possible and use a brush for hard to reach areas only. Also, the tape of the entire area so the epoxy will not get any other surface. Sorry, I do not know the name of the product, it has been since last spring that I have used.

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