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counter pro countertops
What should we do first, second, exc. and how long should it take if they work in about 7-10 hours a week. Help

I and r someone redoing a kitchen. r to redo everything except the cabinets ((wooh haha Caro R)) as r taking off wallpaper, painting, getting new flooring ((120 square feet)) new countertops, taking tileing wall and will have to wall remodeling because of that, NO retileing the walls, getting all applience new ((except for the stove!)), FUNATURA, lighting, decoration and start a new sink, what should we do first, second, exc. and how time u think it would have if we work 10 hours per week or less oh and also that r haveing the floor, counters and wall remodeing made by non …. even going to treat ourselves lol thanks for ur help! =) Xoxo! Becky

Working from the roof down. The plants and equipment last thing you put in. Start with the walls and then move on to the counters and of course if you seal your tile countertops kitchen really well because once you start to break the concrete will cleaning the dust in places you never imagined at home all the fun, no!. My friend has replaced granite tile counters and not enough good food seal and took a week of crying to get all the dust from the cabinets and walls, etc. She was so upset. They then move to the floors and then slide of the last of all equipment.

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