Corian Style Countertops

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corian style countertops
What I can do to change cabinet knobs antique brass to resemble the latest trends in brown / black rodiron?

I have a lot of my kitchen cabinets and how to change my drive without having to buy all the knobs again. I'd do anything to change the look to a style now more black / brown iron rod wthout ruining the knobs (which were quite expensive and purchased almost 2 years ago.'m adding black forests in Asia over my kitchen / dining room and would like to change these to go with my black granite and corian covers … need to modernize the 17-year-old oak cabinets with some new bling!

They have many decorative finishes and spray paints that can be used (patina, rust, etc..) I end decor brass knobs in my kitchen and I like the look of it! I found it at Menards and I think the brand was one of Rust-Oleum.

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