Corian Kitchen Countertops

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corian kitchen countertops
Thinking about the kitchen counters. Granite, Silestone or Corian? Thoughts?

We have two small children so we need something durable not stain (or at least not easily). We do not want to spend a fortune either! We are middle class people with a nice home and just want to update our desks to match our stainless steel appliances. I'd love to hear the views of people with all these different types of accountants. Thanks!

I happen to sell three types of products for life. Corian is good, but I think it too expensive for what you get from it. Do not scratch easily (but easy to repair). Heat can easily damage it. On the otherhand, has more colors available, you can get an integral sink and backsplash and nonporous. A rare stains can penetrate Corian and can be very difficult to overcome. There are 4 major quartz NIF and the products are identical in performance by everyone. Quartz is resistant to scratches and heat. It is ideal for food preparation surfaces. Is as strong as granite. It replicates the look of terrazzo or stone, but do not approach the beauty of stone. You never have to seal or polish quartz. Costs the same as the lower end of granite. Granite is by far the most popular and, as such, the most value to your investment at home. It is scratch-resistant and heat. Nothing matches the beauty. Granite is porous, which has to be sealed at least once a year and must polish weekly or monthly (depending on use). You may be surprised at the affordability of granite in the lower end price range. And the price has no reflection on the beauty or quality. Must do with the scarcity and cost of shipping. I have 5 kids and a very active kitchen. If I purchase for my home, I'd use quartz in granite countertops and an island home eating to create a special area of ​​interest. Let me know if I can help. Good luck!

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