Corian Kitchen Countertops Pricing

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corian kitchen countertops pricing
Want to get corian solid surface countertops and granite for your kitchen?

The prices have both (for kitchen countertops added.) Corian surface going strong at about $ 2.400. Granite is going right at $ 2.800. I disagree because I like both of granite but I heard last much longer time, but it is harder to maintain. Not sure …

I choose granite for the price difference. Quartz would be my second choice, but in reality become more expensive than granite, due to the rising cost of resin – a petroleum product. There is not much maintenance granite (sealing needs once a year) and is more desirable. In addition, each block of granite has its unique pattern and features – Quartz has a very uniform, and in my mind, made a closer look rather than a natural look. It's as green as you can get. You will get every penny back from their investment in granite, guaranteed.


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