Corian Countertops Integrated Sink

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corian countertops integrated sink

A look at Corian countertop

I must admit that before my work for my current employer, I had never heard of Corian. I admit that I had not been the kitchens in what can perhaps be forgiven. After all, for me

A kitchen counter was very clean or not, and I never saw much everything.

Countertops No doubt you know about wood, laminate and granite, which are pretty self-explanatory

The timber is made of wood … erm. And so on!

Stalking the scene however, is the black horse of Corian, a futuristic material made by man that is slowly finding more and more widespread, on everything from walls to ceilings, neck guitar (the white stuff that slot chains) to kitchen worktops course.

So, let's take a look closer to it in public space, a synthetic stone can be a great

Solution for your kitchen.

Corian ® is the brand for a solid surfacing material created by DuPont. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate and is to all intents and purposes a synthetic rock, but with some great properties.

The reason Corian has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops is that

Corian ® is easy to clean and is NSF / ANSI 51 Certified for food contact. Is non-porous Corian ® and stains do not penetrate the surface. With proper cleaning, Corian ® also resists the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria.

You can also get Corian sinks – sinks very well and can integrate seamlessly with its surface work, giving your kitchen clean sleak lines, with less places for bacteria and dirt to accumulate in.

It is also a "solid-surface" material: it really is jargon for saying that it is the same all the way – the same texture, color, everything. This means that if you scratch easily be polished out. You can even expand their tops, and replace the sections in the unlikely event of a traumatic injury on the counter poor.

One of its greatest advantages is that melts at high temperatures – this allows you to be a soldier, and also formed in any shape you can imagine, which has attracted the attention of interior designers and architects.

And still the man, which is available in hundreds of colors – with remarkable color fidelity, which means that if a party is to be replaced in the years therefore, a reasonable color match can be found on your kitchen counter.

So there you have it. Corian. countertop kitchen fitters most good have it as an option for you, it might be worth a look!

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