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Granite kitchen countertops versus quartz countertops

Another question I often ask is the comparison between men faced surfaces quartz granite countertops. Each surface is a surface well in his own right. What you have to do is separate fact from fiction. Inaccuracies have been shaken by quartz manufacturers are clearly false.

One is that granite is a health hazard, which is absolutely false and has been refuted again and again. Another is that granite ports bacteria. Again, this is another false statement perpetuated by the industry of rooms. In my opinion, these tactics have affected the industry of quartz much more than it helped them to sell any product you can offer.

quartz surfaces are very good products. If you are looking for a surface very hard, without variations and patterns expected safe quartz surfaces should have a look long and has many colors to choose from. I feel quartz surfaces are a perfect complement contemporary environments. Granite on the other side fits better in a more traditional environment. Anyway, you really can not go wrong with either option. And offering both surfaces, I'm going to list the pros and cons of both materials, without the hype and let you decide what is best for you.

Well, both surfaces are very difficult compared to a surface such as Corian or Formica, or even marble. However, granite is much harder to zero in Quartz. Quartz on its own is very, very hard. However, something has to have everything together and call Quartz epoxy. So what happens is that when you end up scratching the epoxy, you can not repair the scratch because when using a diamond polishing pad that is normally used in quartz, will end up with swirl marks on the surface. So it is better to leave the zero in place. Granite can be polished right zero. Both surfaces are very difficult to spot. Quartz technically need not be sealed and granite, but we have installed about a thousand granite I can remember a time when maybe we should get a spot and we were successful. Just keep your granite sealing and you'll have no problem with staining. Both will last a lifetime, so the longevity should be matched. However, Quartz over time tend to disappear one bit especially if you let in the sun …… Again, there's really no right or wrong answer when choosing between quartz or granite. It's what fits your lifestyle.

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