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corian countertops dupont
Why is a section of my brand new Corian countertop boring?

I recently refinished my kitchen and I had a Dupont Corian countertops installed with a new Corian sink. Setup finished in a day and look at the finished product, I realized that there were two major areas (About 1 1 / 2 feet wide) which was very visible that the housing area had been polished. I felt very bad when I saw this and questioned the facility, who informed me that was totally like all Corian countertops. The area where the opaque terrain, polishing, is (as he put it), the area where the seams are top. The installer says that the polished area that the review itself in a period of 3 weeks. He said the area is set as (i) continue to clean with soap and warm water. For Please, contractors or handyman out there, please let me know if what I said is correct, or whether it is total BS. Thank you very much.

that sounds like an installer lazy to me. have the installer come back out and polish these areas, and if that does not produce the desired results, contact 10 years DuPont Corian Warranty. Call 1-800-4-CORIAN to file a claim. Tho I've heard that your first response is to deny the claim – is like the social security disability. Web site Corian what it says maintaining the cleanliness, and that will fix itself?

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