Corian Countertops Care Instructions

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Vanity and sink installation

Most of the time the vanity cabinet is the only piece of "furniture" in the bathroom, and add a little visual aid of all the other fixtures, faucets, and hides fittings.A vanity sink pipe and provides useful storage space and the counter in a room where it is needed.

The style and design of a toilet, bath and taps, it can really dress up a bathroom tired, and in many cases can be achieved very economically.

If you are replacing an existing unit, you can use its size as refrence when planning the new vanity.When calculate the new unit to try to stay at least 2 "from the toilet tank, and at least 3" from the side of the tub.

Also if you can locate the new sink a few inches from the centerline of the old sink. This allows you to connect to sewer and water lines without having to relocate.

The desk is usually purchased separately from the base of cabinet.This gives plenty of options for colors, materials and surface textures to make choices results.Countertop better future are many, ceramic tiles, formica type plastic laminate, granite, marble, synthetic marble and corian.

Once the old vanity was removed, cut a hole in the back of the new cabinet to accommodate the water lines and the new drive as close drain.Center the old to make connections easier.Level cabinet front to back and side to side, spots along the wall if necessary, and secure to wall with 2 to 4 screws driven into the wall studs.

Mount the drain and the faucet to the lavatory.Installation instructions provided with the faucet, carefully read and follow.

Lay a bead of construction adhesive on the top edge of the box, and lower the cover into place, centering and pushing the rear wall tight against the wall.

Assemble the trap, the use of PVC plastic, and a trap lines flexable connector.Attach tap water with new flexible risers.if not sure about the size or installation your local hardware store will have plenty of information to help.

Bathroom vanities are required to work with tight tolerances, and in a situation like this, where an attempt was made to align with existing pipes, careful planning and precise measures are sure you are absolutely sure height of the box, and the depth of the basin, and the on-center location of the leak.

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