Concrete Stain Countertops

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concrete stain countertops
How often is a concrete counter?

We just moved to a new location with what appears to be a concrete in the kitchen. Unfortunately, seems to stain easily (I accidentally left a drop of mustard on the deck for a few hours and there is a yellow stain will not come off). Does it have to be treated somehow, or a new label, or what? I've never dealt with before concrete countertops. Relax man, we just rent!

This was just a TV show about three days ago and they told me 1-2 times a year and that this type of counter is the most difficult to care for and always have to put a pad thickness in everything you put into it, not only can sit on it because the things that spot and told me anything that is stained. I feel for you because it cost too much no money to give and fun to keep up. Sure wish I had known that before buying the house, but if you have money and can get new ones that would, and get these things fast. There is a new out there that is big and has no care at all what justice is, I think and that is what I'm going to have had all kinds and I do not like even Granet. most of them are a work in progress all the time. Good luck and I'm sure you have a professional, like I can not remember what you said to do to get stains.

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