Concrete Fly Ash Countertops

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concrete fly ash countertops

Countertops Eco-Friendly: So Good You can eat off them

One of the most important facets of your kitchen is sometimes overlooked: the counters. Of course, granite is the rage these days for reasons that are beyond imagination. Instead of following the other lemmings over the cliff of granite, why not set their own level of elegance and be respectful of the environment, at the same time?

There are a number of materials available these days to help you do just that. Here are some options:

Uses recycled glass countertops – you guessed it – recycled glass mixed in a cement base, resin, or concrete. glass mixing colors or stains can give just the look you are seeking. In terms of eco-points, not only is the glass building deviates to spend eternity in a landfill, but some of the cement used to incorporate fly ash is a product of waste for disposal by burning coal.

End grain bamboo and bamboo in general is an excellent substitute for wood. In recent years we have seen bamboo flooring and cabinets are more to fashion both for his good looks and its capacity for renewal. As grass, bamboo grows much faster than an oak does. As for the counters, bamboo end-grain is beautiful and strong, giving a ground to your kitchen. Another advantage is that the off-gassing of the adhesive used is minimal.

Recycled paper may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about building materials, but it works fine and dandy for countertops. Once located in a non-oil resin Free formaldehyde in the post-consumer paper is both heat and stains. And because it's paper, color options roam everywhere.

Recycled aluminum is a good option for people who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic. In addition to the counters, a company (Eleek) also makes sinks, hardware and light fittings. Not only are the products made by 50 to 90 percent recycled aluminum, which are also recyclable at the end of its useful life. Finish transparent layer over the counter non-toxic and therefore safe for food.

Sustainable wood is the best option if you really must have wood. a tighter grain and it is higher quality. Timid to go down that road, the trees have been sustainable for the harvest is the way forward.

With except for glass and metal, all products cast into the recycling bin every week it gets really downcycled because the quality of the materials decreases with each cycle. The downcycled paper can be six or seven times before the fibers are held and plastic bottles can be converted back to wool, but after that, they become waste.

The aim of all these products is counter to the cycle of materials, meaning that more useful and valuable than they were in their original state. Glass, if the colors are separated, can be recycled into new products to an infinite number of times without losing any quality. Also, the cans and you can become to become more cans or other metal products.

Therefore, if you need new countertops, consider joining the movement of the cradle to the cradle go with one of these wonderful products environmentally friendly. Your planet will thank you.

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    Concrete counters are great, especially when done well.

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